Julie is a uniquely talented strategist, technologist, leader and manager. She has successfully led a high-performing mature business to achieve growth and profit goals. She achieved business objectives through skillful customer relationships and through engaging and motivating her team. Julie also became a known RFID expert while orchestrating a turn-around and growing the RFID business. In addition to business management roles, Julie is known for her leadership in quality and engineering. She also was renowned inside the company and externally for her commitment to diversity. Whenever I worked a project, action or problem with Julie; I knew we would do things correctly and quickly with the needs of all stakeholders being considered.

Gloria Olson

Fortune 500 Company Executive

The State Farm participants responded with overwhelmingly strong and positive feedback. They noted that the program was informative, full of practical and applicable lessons, and that they valued the real life experiences that were discussed. Participants noted that your session was, “excellent,” saying that they appreciate hearing how “issues were similar from company to company.” They also highlighted that most helpful was your “expanded view of technology and its role in and impact on our business.” Thank you for being an integral part of this special experience.

International Women’s Forum

Executive Development Roundtable

Julie England, presented a seminar titled Opening to Leadership on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 as part of the Business Leadership Center’s ongoing enrichment program for Cox MBA students. Funded by a generous endowment from Edwin L. Cox, the BLC was developed to complement the rigorous academic requirements of the Cox MBA program with practical real-world experience provided by business leaders drawn from prominent national and international companies. The value of hearing from those like Ms. England, presently working in the corporate world, is consistently confirmed as extremely valuable by Cox MBA students, who regularly participate in the seminars although they are not required and no class credit is given for attending them.

The Business Leadership Center

The Cox School of Business, SMU

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