Let me paraphrase from one of my teachers: ” A word of warning; you will make mistakes. I have made hundreds and still do, but hopefully you should learn from each. Each day you work becomes easier to deal with because you increase your knowledge. A basic computer program is just that – basic- but you can keep adding to it until you have a highly sophisticated program with a great many options to call on.

Developing your own career is like that, you keep adding options as you study and work, and then you have a large memory bank you draw upon when confronted with a business problem. I have been fortunate to work with some great managers and leaders who freely shared from their memory banks. I find that good leaders have no secrets but freely share their wisdom; I would like to pass some of that knowledge along.”

Be patient and let each experience be a lesson, an experiment or a way to practice something new and improved. As you keep building your career, imagine how much more knowledgeable and business savvy you will be in future work situations in five years…in ten years.