TTU Engineering Our Future, Winter 2012-2013

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England Endowment for Women in Engineering, Pamela A. Eibeck Endowment,
Keh-Shew Lu Endowed Regents Chair

Julie Spicer England knows exactly how it feels to receive a life-changing financial gift. Although she is a well-respected businesswoman who currently serves on the Board of Directors for corporations in Philadelphia, Penn. and Santa Clara, Calif., as well as the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M., she was also once a student who benefited from someone else’s generosity.

A scholarship offered by the Whitacre College of Engineering boosted her decision as a high school senior to attend Texas Tech. England was pleased with the small class sizes and the interaction she had with her professors. Her first scholarship, along with other scholarships, part-time student work, and summer internships, allowed her to take heavy course loads each semester until she earned her bachelor of science in chemical engineering in just four years. “Also,” she says, “the three summers of internships contributed greatly to my ability to pay for school and gave me a real taste of life as an engineer at work.”

England is no stranger to hard work. Named one of the Top 15 Women Innovators in Business by PINK magazine in 2008, she has been honored with numerous awards, including the Distinguished Information Sciences Award by the Association of Information Technology Professionals in 2009. She is also a recipient of the 1999 Distinguished Engineer Award from Texas Tech and has been inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.
Her relationship with Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) began straight out of college when she was hired as a first line engineer. Over the past 30 years, she has received appointments as vice president and general manager of two different business divisions. Her partnership with TI has been incredibly successful in the world of business technology, and includes a partnership in educational financial giving. Along with fellow Texas Tech alumni and Texas Instrument co-workers Keh Shew Lu (’73 ECE), C.S. Lee (’78 ECE), and Ming Chiang (’78 ECE), she established the Keh-Shew Lu Endowed Regents Chair. England was able to give personally to the endowment and see her contribution grow exponentially, thanks to TI’s corporate matching policy.

During her own time on campus, England not only studied hard, she also enjoyed being around her fellow students and the campus life with its cultural and sporting events. Her collegiate experiences inspire her current desire to give back and make an impact on future engineers.
“The most positive aspect of giving to the university that launched your career is the ability to take action and express gratitude for how the university experience changed my life,” she explains. She and her husband, Robert, want to help others reach their full potential as well and give back to the engineering profession that has been so rewarding for her.