England Joins Rolland Safe Advisory Board


Mezzanine fund puts $1M in Rolland Safe & Lock

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Intelligence, advice and savvy

Capital is just part of the reason Rolland Safe opted in June to take the financing from Dallas-based Texas Women Ventures.

Founded in 2005, Texas Women Ventures is a group of investment funds that supply growth capital — primarily mezzanine investments of the type Rolland Safe received — to companies statewide and elsewhere that are owned or led by women. Other companies that have received Texas Women Ventures financing include DeSoto’s Warrior Group, Garland’s Karlee and Dallas’ J.O.Y. Products Corp.


FiercePharma Manufacturing, ‘My Job’ Interview


An Interview with Julie England

My Job: Board member, Intelleflex

“My Job” is an occasional item that describes a pharmaceutical manufacturing position from the first-person perspective of someone newly appointed to the job. The intent is to provide over time a picture of pharma ops career opportunities, in hopes that the picture will be useful in career planning. – George Miller

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What’s your vision for RFID technology in the pharma industry? How long will it take to achieve?


Connect with 12 Strategic Colleagues

On the path to a board of director position, most people think of networking to facilitate their search to join a board. Contrary to this popular thought, let me suggest you already know who you need to know in order to express your intention to become a director. communicating your desire to a small circle of colleagues is an important step.

One way to get started is to list everyone you know of who is a CEO or sits on a company board. Start with the company you work for and their previous board of directors and its Chairmen. And also any prior firms where you worked as an executive. (more…)