Write a Resume Targeting Boards

When seeking a board of directors position, you need to write a resume targeting board roles. This resume is different than a resume for a full-time position. Your board resume needs to be focused on board positions and work experience that makes you a good board candidate. The goal for its length is one to two pages, no more. Any time you have already spent on boards (non-profit organizations or NGOs or for-profit companies) is worth mentioning, as is your current work experience.

Express your accomplishments and outcomes clearly; quantify them with economic impact ($). If you have trouble with this, enlist a friend to help you express dollars of costs saved, dollars of revenue grown or the dollar size of the biggest deal you closed.

Be clear about your area of expertise or experience that makes you highly differentiated and unique. What have you done that is special? Perhaps there are only a handful of people in your industry segment that have the unique experiences or capabilities that you have. What have you done that is unique in the company that you serve? What is the one thing you are proud of?

Use language that reflects your operating and line management experience. How did you interact with customers, market or the industry that expresses your external orientation and ability to deal with the marketplace? When did you convince a CEO and/or board of directors to make a strategic change or investment?

To summarize, your resume needs to focus on:

a)      Work at the C level

b)     The substantive and quantifiable results at the executive level

c)      Board work

d)     National or global trade association or professional society work

e)      The most global role you have held (with direct reports in other countries than your home country) and with the broadest business responsibility