Eight Steps Towards a Board of Directors Seat

We have added an E-Store and a new product to this website. You are now able to download a short workbook full of advice and actions you can take on a special topic.

Our first topic is –

You want to become a member of a board of directors at a company (publicly or privately owned). Here are eight steps you can take to go from idea to action:

The eight areas we explore in this workbook include:

  • Leverage Your Strengths and Experiences
  • Write a Resume Targeting Boards
  • Connect with 12 Strategic Colleagues
  • Reach out to Executive Search
  • Get out and Foster Relationships
  • Select Governance Executive Education
  • Attend Professional Director Groups
  • Resources & Final Comments

In each area we explore ideas on how to tailor your ideas and activities to board of director positions and how it is different from a typical job search.

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