Video Interviews; Camera Ready

     I recently read with interest the Wall Street Journal article dated September 12, 2011 titled “Seeking Work? Ready Your Webcam“. It’s true, more and more screening interviews by Executive Search firms and Human Resources Staffing managers are happening over video.  In the past, the video conference provided by a third party provider like Kinko’s used or perhaps in the office of the executive search firm. And now the same mode of interview is moving to your desk top over webcam.

    Here are four suggestions on how to make your first impressions stronger over a video conference:

  • Smile a relaxed and genuine smile. be approachable.
  • Practice on your own. Video record yourself and play back a mock interview or have a friend be the interviewer. Practice, practice, practice.
  • First impressions are lasting impressions. The Innis Company coaches their clients to make a positive impact in the FIRST SIX SECONDS. Yes, I said first 6 seconds! How do you come across in the first six seconds?
  • Prepare the top ten open-ended questions you have about the company, job position and industry segment where the company operates. Probing, open-ended questions will enrich your interview and your understanding of this position. Is the role a good fit for you? Can you see yourself succeeding in this role?

Good luck and let the cameras roll; Action!